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Monday, November 24, 2014

Black Friday sales released!

This year's Black Friday sales were announced to our email list earlier today.  Click below to view them for yourself!  Note that some of them extend to the end of the year, but others are valid only this Friday.

Black Friday Sales Email

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Friday, November 7, 2014

November Newsletter released

Click here for the latest newsletter, including big discounts on select gear!  We had some issues with Verizon email addresses (still working on that), so apologies if you didn't get this in your email.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Newsletter Released

Here's the latest newsletter.  Highlights are a shark snorkeling trip, and closing hours for the shop next week.  Check it out HERE

Friday, August 23, 2013

Aqua Adventures Shop Newsletter- August 2013

No. 12 / August 2013

Summer Hours / Scheduled Closures

For the summer season, we are now open 6 days a week!  We're here Monday - Friday from 11AM - 7PM and Saturdays from 10AM - 5PM.
We will be CLOSED Thursday, August 29 at 1PM through Friday, September 6.  We will re-open Saturday, September 7 for normal hours.

Only a few more days left in the OCi promotion!

Through the end of the month (so for us, until Wednesday), you can purchase the OCi dive computer, and receive a FREE transmitter!!  That's a savings of $350 off the retail price.  This wristwatch-style dive computer has a ton of features, including a digital compass, hoseless air integration, the ability to pair with up to 3 transmitters, dive up to 3 Nitrox mixes, an included cable to download your dive data to the free dive log software included, and a dot matrix menu!  And it's made in the USA!!  Don't wait on this one!

Local Quarry Dive Dates

Only one more Sunday this summer!  Aqua Adventures will be going to Bainbridge Scuba Centeron Sunday, September 22, and we'd love to dive with you!  We won't be doing any classes / check-outs on these dates, so if you're already certified and would like to dive locally or just hang out, this is for you!  Please RSVP as we'll be bringing snacks and drinks for everyone.  Quarry admission rates apply.

Dive Trips 2013

Cozumel July 26 -29

Hotel Casa del Mar

Everyone had a great time on the Cozumel trip!  We'll be scheduling this same trip for the fall, so if you're interested and have a weekend that works better for you, please let us know!  Pictures from the trip can be viewed on our Facebook page.

Fiji August 29 - September 7

We have a very excited group of 19 people ready to head to Fiji!  We'll try to keep our blogupdated, and we'll be posting pictures on our Facebook page.
NOTE:  The shop will be closed from 8/29 - 9/6 due to this trip.

Click here to check out all of our trips and details

Training Update

  • September 16 Will be the start of the next Diver Stress & Rescue class.
  • This specialty is required to achieve your Master Diver recognition status
  • Combine this with the React Right class for a special price - call for details!

  • September 10 is the start date for the next Open Water Diver weeknight class
  • September 13 is the next weekend class with space available.
  • Students can get a head start by taking the academics online for free!  Just check out the link on our website to get started!

  • The next Advanced Open Water Diver class is scheduled for Sunday, October 6 from 1PM - 4pm.  This class provides you with the classroom portion of three specialties that you can use toward the four needed to get your SSI Advanced Open Water Diver rating.
  • You'll get Night / Limited Visibility, Navigation, and Deep Diving all for one low price!!
  • We'll schedule the quarry dates needed during the class - or use any of our trips!

  • Learn to dive with Enriched Air Nitrox!  This very safe diving gas will help you extend your bottom times and feel less tired so you can enjoy all there is on land as well!
  • You'll learn how to use EAN mixes up to 40% Oxygen in this class, and earn another specialty.
  • The next EAN class is scheduled for SundayOctober 6 at 10 AM
  • Pair this up with the Advanced Open Water Diver class scheduled for later the same day, and you'll have all 4 specialties needed!

Safety Training

We are now able to offer the SSI ReactRight courses!  These courses offer scuba diving focused First Aid, AED, CPR, and Oxygen Provider certifications.  These not only satisfy the requirements for your Master Diver / Stress & Rescue certifications, they also are available for you to track using the SSI smartphone apps and your online profile.
*Combine this with the Diver Stress & Rescue class for a special price! Call for details
Remember, we also offer training in several Diver's Alert Network (DAN) courses, as well as First Aid, CPR and AED training from DAN, National Safety Council and Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI). Call us to schedule your certification or renewal - it's not just for divers!
All of the safety training offered is outlined on the Safety Training page on our Website.

Check out the full class schedule by clicking here.  If you don't see something scheduled you'd like to learn, or the schedule doesn't suit you,   just ask and we'll work to accommodate you!

Stay Up to Date

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Big Dive Light Sale!

Stop in now to take advantage of some huge closeout savings on Princeton Tec dive lights!  We still have some light packs on sale, and select individual lights are on sale up to 40% off!  This is the perfect time to get some backup lights, upgrade from your old dim lights, or get geared up for a Night Diving course!

What's New With the Shop?

If you haven't checked out the remodeling efforts yet, what are you waiting for?  Come in to see Cox's Corner (dry suits and discounted items), our new consultation area, the upgraded education center, and more!

We continue to add new products and product lines to our inventory.  We now have X-Vu and i3masks from Mares in stock, the new, brighter Torrent LED dive light and Reef Pack from Princeton TecPT POD microfiber towels from McNett/Outgo, and several hoseless air-integrated computers from Oceanic!

Aqua Adventures Road Show

We are looking for community events to attend in 2014 to help spread the word about diving and snorkeling.  If you know of an event where you'd like to see us, please let us know!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Featured Item: New Air Integrated Computers at Aqua Adventures!

By now you either know the benefits or have heard the buzz about why it is important to dive using a computer. It doesn't matter if you are "not going deep" or "following a dive guide"or "not into techie dive gadgets." The benefit of using a dive computer is clear--> SAFETY!  Dive computers will track your current depth, maximum depth, length of dive and do the complex "math" associated with multi-level diving, off-gassing during surface intervals and repetitive dive profiles. You will be able to prolong your dive time--safely.  And that ascent rate?  No more guessing - it tells you if you're coming up at a safe speed or need to slow down.  Some computers even track multiple tanks/gases, have integrated digital compasses, adjust to your altitude automatically, and can function as your every-day watch.

Air integrated computers allow you to take this safety level to new heights. These computers are also able to calculate your remaining bottom time based not just on the Doppler No-Decompression limits, but also on your air supply and how hard you're breathing.  They can be attached to your regulator via a hose or they can be completely hose-less. Yes, you read that correctly!  The computer receives the tank pressure via a transmitter attached to your first stage regulator.  Imagine the freedom of having one less hose on your regulator!

Oceanic is running a special this month- a FREE transmitter with your purchase of a hose-less air integrated computer!  That's a $400 savings!  During this promotion, you could purchase one of these computers, complete with the transmitter and the USB cable to download your dive data to your PC or Mac for under $700 (+tax).

Aqua Adventures, an authorized Oceanic dealer, will be happy to assist you in finding the right dive computer for you and answer any of your questions. Stop by or call us, this promotion ends July 31st!